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I help Youth Grow their Digital Personal brand, Learn the Art
of Selling & Win Opportunities using LinkedIn


Ishtiaq khan

I am the Founder of Startovation, with 25K+ Followers on LinkedIn. I help youth grow their Digital Personal brand on LinkedIn & Win Opportunities using LinkedIn.

I have expertise in LinkedIn Branding, Growth Consulting, LinkedIn
Profile Optimization & Content moderation that will result in:

  • Increased Visibility
  • Attracting Decision Makers
  • Creating a Winning Network


Online courses

Check my Online Courses & Masterclass to Learn the Art of Winning Opportunities on LinkedIn


Online and In-Class trainings for university students & fresh graduates to learn How to optimize profiles & connect with decision makers


1-1 consulting services  available for Students, Early & Experienced Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

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Customer Review

I have trained more than 9000 individuals through online & in-class trainings, Workshops & Online courses and generated more than 10 million views through 1500+ different posts over the span of 4-years on LinkedIn.

Consulted more than 700 Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers in 40+ Online sessions using Zoom, Google Meet & YouTube.
Provided Profile Review & Optimization Services to 300+ Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers.

Become Part of my LinkedIn Mission 10000 through this Wonderful Offer.

There are over 700+ Young individuals, who took the course and had amazing experience.

Yasir Ahmad

"Attended a fruitful session about LinkedIn. A great initiative by Ishtiaq and I really appreciate his efforts. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was really helpful and will surely apply the tactics you teach us today."

Syed Muntazir Imam

"The content you have presented has boosted the knowledge of how to use LinkedIn, connect, engage, write good content and reach the appropriate audience."

Noman Anjum

"Thank You for the intuitive session. We are already using LinkedIn but most of us are not aware of it's digital footprint & features. There were plenty of things implemented in the wrong direction."

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